List Of Best Splat Ball Blaster You Actually Need

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In the modern world, splat ball blaster production is increasing exponentially, and new developments are being made yearly. Any professional must ensure he or she stays informed of all the new products and innovations in the industry. After all, it is impossible for anyone to stay informed about everything alone. People depend on reviews from respectable sources when deciding on a splat ball blaster.

We know how hard the competition is these days in the splat ball blaster industry, which is why we are always looking for ways to bring you the best. Check out our 10 best splat ball blaster reviews and discover why they stand out.


Best splat ball blaster: By Overall Editor’s Score

Top 10 Best splat ball blaster For Every Price Point

There are many qualities to consider when choosing splat ball blaster. Our list consisted of quality, size, and easy of use. We weighed each product, recorded assembly time, tested stability, and compared quality. We then rated each product in terms. Lastly, we categorized each product for users.

  • Size
  • Brand value
  • Features
  • Style
  • Design
  • Longevity
  • Price
  • Warranties
  • Types
  • Specifications
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Materials
  • Consumer ratings, reviews & many more
No. 1
GTAKH Gel Ball Blaster Electronic - Splat Gun Automatic with 40,000 Gel Balls and 2 Modes, Splatter Shooting Team Game for Age 12+ (Jungle)
  • 【Precise shooting and super long range】 The gel gun has a burst speed of 0.2 seconds and fires about 10 bullets per second.160 FPS, a straight-line distance of 65 feet. Playing with friends in the backyard, park, and so on, this shooting outdoor sports can exercise your body, develop the ability to aim, observe and stamina, as well as improve your personal skills.
  • 【Three-in-one】Laser, flashlight, and Rechargeable battery all in one, easy to install. Put the water beads in the magazine (soak for at least 4 hours, the water level is above the water beads), turn the switch to "on", then start your "splatter gun war"! Fully charge the battery before use and remember to wear goggles when playing.
  • 【Safe and Best Gel Gun】 This is a gel ball blaster toy gun that can continuous-fire and uses gel balls as bullets. The gel balls are non-toxic and harmless and consist of 95% water. Just like our ordinary water gun, it will not cause harm to people or things. The safety gel ball blaster with stylish graffiti and a bright orange tip is suitable for adults and kids.
  • 【Super Enjoy with GTAKH Splat Gun】 With our splatter ball gun, you can enjoy the free switching of flashlight and laser modes; Avoiding the hassle of changing bullets frequently because it is equipped with a large-capacity magazine that can hold 600-700 gel bullets; Avoiding The trouble of connecting the battery cable, built-in rechargeable battery;
  • 【Complete Accessories】We provide laser and flashlight, rechargeable battery, USB charging cable, goggles, manual, funnel, two magazines, three targets, and 40,000 gel ammo. The upgraded splat gun pistol has enhanced quality and generally has no problems. Just in case, if there is any problem with the product, please notify us in time, we will be responsible to the end.
No. 2
Gel Ball Blaster,Splatter Ball Automatic,Electric Splatball Blaster with 50,000 Gel Balls,Full Auto Splat R Ball Toy with Water Bead and Goggles for Teens Boy Adult Outdoor Team Game Kids Gift
  • ✅【OUTDOOR FUN TOY】Splatter ball blaster is powered by a charging battery and equipped with a U.S.B cable. Having our gel water blaster kids toy is a great way to open up recreational options, as well as enjoy the outdoors,stay active and even meet new friend.Participate in face-to-face competitions or team games to develop your child's sport skills, promote teamwork and cooperation, and get some body exercises.
  • ✅【UNLIMITED GEL BALLS】Original water beads come in the pack can't directly be used for splatball blaster toy,soaked in enough water for more than 4 hours before use,gel water beads 7-8mm in diameter after soaking,suitable for electric splat ball blaster,We equip with 50,000 gel balls,let your kids experience unlimited fun and squander their joy in the game! No need to worry about not having enough gel water balls.
  • ✅【EASY to ASSEMBLE】Electric gel ball blaster is highly assembled,you only need to install the battery and the hopper filled with soaked gel balls before you can enjoy playing it.Automatic gel ball blaster is the best choice for outdoor shooting games in summer .we have upgraded this electric splat r ball full and semi blaster to make it faster and smoother, bringing you a perfect experience.
  • ✅【 IDEAL GIFT】Splatter gel blaster use sturdy ABS Plastic lightweight and sturdy.suitable for everyday play at home and on the go,long shooting range can give you a very perfect and interesting outdoor experience.Gel splatball blaster is an ideal party gift ,holidays and birthday gifts for child. (Do not aim at eyes or face ,don't shoot at very close range within 10 feet )
  • ✅【AUTOMATIC GEL BALL BLASTER 】--Splatter blaster features cool doodle design and runs the upgraded gearbox style.making Splatter gel ball blaster smoother and more durable. The powerful firing capability allows for continuous shooting without jamming. gel splat blaster use water gel ball ,we have included 50000 rounds gel balls. More water bead ball more fun.
No. 3
JIIVAY Splat Blaster with 50000 Gel Ball, Toys Gift for Kid
  • 【Perfect Outdoor Game Choice】: Wearing goggles can make you more enjoyable during playing.
  • 【Attention 2】: 1. Do not aim eyes or face. Children under 12 years old must be used under the supervision of an adult. 2. If the gel ball blaster is clogged when using, please shake it.
  • 【Ideal Gift】: Perfect for any beginner or for the seasoned player. This gel ball blaster is the favorite of all outdoor games for age 12+ children or adults. This is a great way to entertain, especially for group games.
  • 【Attention 1】: Must soaked for more than 5 hours before use, until the size reached 7-8mm.
  • 【Package included】: 1 blaster, 50000 gel ball and 1 safety goggles.
No. 4
Automatic Gel Ball Blaster, Electric Splatter Ball Blaster - M416 Splat Ball Blaster with 20,000 Gel Balls, Water Beads Blaster for Boys Kids Adults Age 12+ (Red)
  • Two Shooting Modes: The high speed automatic splatter ball blaster with exquisite exterior paint is designed for shooting, which is full of fighting spirit! Choose between Semi Automatic or Full Automatic, switch them with the knob. Please wear the goggles provided in the package when using the gel ball blaster.
  • Enjeric Gel Ball Blaster is powered by a 7.4V battery. Full recharge it and can be shoot about 1000 to 1500 rounds continuously. The battery is rechargeable with the cable we provide!!
  • Upgraded Gearbox: We have refactored and upgraded the design of the gearbox, so that our gel ball blaster has more powerful shooting elasticity than others. This not only makes the water bead have a more amazing speed, ultra long range and stability, but also the accuracy greatly improved!!
  • Safe and Green: This M416 gel ball blaster uses a degradable hydrogel ball that will break immediately after encountering obstacles, and fully degrade once dry. Does not stain clothes, eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating. It is a safe toy launcher that will not cause harm to people or objects.
  • Worry-Free Purchase: Please watch the assembled video!!! If you have any questions, please get in touch with us first. We will reply to you within 24 hours and give you the satisfaction solution.
No. 5
Gel Ball Blaster Automatic, Splat Ball Blaster with 50000 Gel Balls & Upgrad Drum Magazine, Auto Gel Ball Blaster Toys Gift for Boys Kids Adults (Orange)
  • 【Upgrad】 Splat ball blaster not only upgraded the gearbox to make it faster and smoother, but also upgrad the drum magazine can contain 800 rounds gel balls bringing you a more fun experience. We also have a safety switch design to provide users with adequate protection measures.
  • 【Unlimited Gel Balls!】 In order to let you experience unlimited fun, splat ball blaster have included 50000 rounds gel balls. More gel balls more fun. Gel Balls are completely disappeared once dry, without stain or cleanup!
  • 【Recommended age 12+】Read manual and all warnings before use. And please pour out the extra bullets after the game is over, prevent the bullets blocked in the next game and cannot be shot .
  • 【Splatter Ball Blaster】You will get 1*orange Gel Ball Blaster; 50000 seed gel balls;1*800 rounds drum magazine 1*200 rounds magazine 1*Goggles and 1*infrared.
  • 【A ton of fun】Owning our splatrball blaster is a great way to open up your options for entertainment, and it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, stay active! enjoy your family time!
No. 6
Splat Ball Blaster Automatic-Uzi, Electric Gel Splat Ball Blaster Toy with 50000 Non-Toxic Gel Balls & Goggles, Auto Gel Ball Blaster Toys for Boys Kids Adults
  • 【Ideal Gift】: The Gel Ball Blaster is an ideal party gift and various holidays (Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year) and exquisite birthday gifts for 12+ children. Perfect for any beginner or for the seasoned player. This gel ball blaster is the favorite of all outdoor games for age 12+ children or adults. This is a great way to entertain, especially for group games.
  • 【Perfect Outdoor Game Choice】: The Gel Ball Blaster works by 7.4V 1200mAh battery. It only need to charge 2-3 hours then can shoot about 1000 to 1500 rounds continuously. The rate of fire of the gel ball blaster is very fast, it can shoot up to 300 gel balls per minute with a range of about 32 Ft.50000 water beads can meet your entertainment needs. Wearing goggles can make you more enjoyable during playing.
  • 【Attention 1】: Please wear protective safety goggles (included) before use, use 7-8mm water beads. 2. Water beads should be soaked for more than 4 hours before use, until the size reached 7-8mm. 3. If not play the gel ball blaster for more than 2 hours, please pour out the water beads from the charger to prevent the water from evaporating and affecting the size of the water beads.
  • 【Attention 2】: 1. Do not aim eyes or face. Children under 12 years old must be used under the supervision of an adult. 2. If the gel ball blaster is clogged when using, please shake it.
  • 【Package included】: 1 gel ball blaster, 1 reusable battery, 1 USB charger, 1 charger, 50000 water beads and 1 safety goggles.
SaleNo. 7
Electric Gel Ball Blaster - Automatic and Manual Mode Splatter Ball Blaster with 30000+ Water Beads and Goggles for Outdoor Activities and Shooting Team Game Splat r Blaster for Aldult Ages 12+
  • 5.Warranty Service:We provide 60 days free replacement service, if you have problems during use or are not satisfied with the product please contact us in time.We can offer a refund or exchange.
  • 2.Environmentally friendly materials:The choice for our was water beads.It expands and becomes larger when immersed in water.Then after the impact will break into a bunch of small fragments, small fragments will completely disappear after drying, so you do not have to worry about polluting the environment.All you need to do is shoot! shoot! shoot !
  • 3.Electric Auto and manual mode Design Patterns:Our products are in electric mode.We have upgraded the electric motor to be able to design faster and more stable.Optional rechargeable battery drive, able to cycle, to avoid the trouble of battery replacement.Of course we are also equipped with manual mode.When the toy has no electricity you can switch to manual mode for precise design.Please observe whether the toy is in manual or automatic mode before use.
  • 4.Some Reminder:You need to soak the water beads in water for 3-4 hours until they are fully expanded before use. water beads that have not been soaked long enough will result in failure to shoot.Please make sure you are wearing the complimentary goggles before the game starts.Recommended for children over 12 + play.Please do not shoot at close range.
  • 1.Newest design:This gel blaster is the latest design models for 2022.The unique design of the lower supply clip makes the whole blaster look more realistic and beautiful.Also you can get a better view.
SaleNo. 8
Large Splat Blaster Automatic, Big Splat Blaster with 55000 Gel Balls & Upgrad Drum Magazine, Auto Gel Ball Blaster Toys Gift for Boys Kids Adults (G36-orange)
  • Safety Instructions: 12 years old and above. You need to soak the hydrogel ball in water for 4-6 hours. When using the splat blaster, you need to be equipped with the safety glasses,The shooting range is 75 feet,11 rounds per second fully auto fire rate.
  • Automatic Mode: We have upgraded the gearbox of this Gel Ball to make it faster and smoother, bringing you a real experience. And we also have a safety switch design and a gift of safety goggles to provide users with adequate protection measures.
  • Unlimited Gel Balls! In order to let you experience unlimited fun, 1000 round upgrad drum magazine,splat blaster have included 50000 seed gel balls. More gel balls more fun.
  • Splat blaster The First Choice for Outdoor Games: The biodegradable water-filled gel ball used in this will into a pile of small fragments after impact, and will disappear completely after drying. It is not only environmentally friendly but also requires no cleaning. Let you enjoy outdoor fun games Time!
  • An exciting shooting team game will bring you closer to your friends and family! It is the best gift choice for Halloween, birthdays, Easter, Christmas, group events, etc. Let's have a fierce shooting duel with your relatives and friends!
SaleNo. 9
Sockenear Splatter Gel Ball Blaster: Automatic G36 Blaster Toy with 50000 Water Beads - Gel Ball Blaster for Boys & Girls Age 14+
  • First Choice for Outdoor Games: No one will say no to a exciting shooting game. This G36 Splatter Gel Ball Blaster will be the first choice for outdoor games. You can enjoy exciting team games outdoors with your friends, which can well improve your reflexes, judgment, physical fitness, enhance the interaction with your family and friends. it will bring you a lot of fun.
  • Gel Bullets (50,000 Rounds):We provide up to 50,000 rounds of gel bullets, enough to last a long time. using a high-capacity magazine, which can hold 1000+ gel beads at a time for endless fun. It is made up mainly of water after soaking( 1-2 hours), easy to clean, will not stain clothes, has a soft texture and will break down into fragments upon impact.
  • Included: Newest G36 Gel Ball Blaster, 50000 gel bullets, 1* High Capacity Gel Bullets Drum (hold 1000 Gel bullet), 1* Gel Bullets Drum (hold 400 Gel bullet), 1* 7.4v Rechargeable battery, 1* USB charging cable, 1* Safety glasses, 1* Strap. The Battery can be recharged multiple times and reused.
  • G36 Gel Blaster: Made of high quality ABS materials, The gel gun weighs 1 kg and is strong and durable. It has exquisite workmanship and adopt the science ergonomic desgin, You can feel the qualitative when you hold it in hand.The powerful motor gives it a continuous and fast fire rate, automatically firing up to 10-15 gel balls per second, with a range of about 70 feet.
  • Cool Unique Design: Unique design makes your gel blaster gun automatic stand out and make you become the coolest shooter on the battlefield. Powered by 7.4V rechargeable battery, sustained firing time, electric ammunition supply method, not easy to jam. Must be the favorite of beginners and veteran players.
No. 10
Qogely Gel Splatter Water Blaster Toy Gun, Full Automatic Splat Launcher with Everything, Outdoor Shooting Game for Adults and Kids Age 14+, Blue Graffiti
  • [Cool blasters]-The splatter blasters toy can launch fragile water gel balls, these gel bead will burst when impacted。
  • [Easy to use]-Just install the battery, loaded with gel balls, turn on the switch, then you can enjoy hours of entertainment. The splat toy can shoot 3-5 drops of water bead per second with a range of 45-50 Ft.
  • [Amazing Outdoor Activities]-This gel water ball blaster is great way to enjoy the outdoors. It provides dynamic entertainment that let our kids burn up all that extra energy and keep them stay away from electronic products.
  • [Complete Kits]- Goggles, Gel Bead. 100% customer satisfaction. Read manual before use and always wear eye protection please.
  • [Awesome Gift Choice]-If you are racking your brains to choose a gift to your children, the splat blaster will be a perfect gift choice. It suitable for birthday holiday Christmas gift for kids 14 years old up.

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Things to consider when buying splat ball blaster

When you’re ready to buy splat ball blaster, several considerations should be made before you make the final decision. You’ll want to know how the product looks and feels, but you’ll also want to know what it can do for you. The best way to buy something is to look at it from a logical perspective and keep your emotions out of the equation. This is especially true when buying products online because you can’t touch or feel them before making your purchase.

  • What is your budget?
  • How often will you use it?
  • What features are important to you?
  • Does it come with a warranty?
  • How easy is it to use
  • How many people will use the product?
  • What features do you need?
  • Do you want to go with a high-end or low-end model?

Here are some things you should consider when buying a product:


When buying splat ball blaster, it is important that you stick with well-known brands instead of opting for lesser-known ones. If a particular brand has been producing quality products for ages, then there is no reason why their latest model should not be good as well! This does not mean that every product from such a company would be great; however, it does increase your chances of getting good quality items from them!


If you’re looking for splat ball blaster cheap and cheerful, check out Amazon to see if anyone is selling what you need at a bargain price. For big-ticket items, however, it’s worth paying extra for quality and durability over a cheaper alternative that might break down more frequently and cost more in repairs over time.


A good quality splat ball blasterwill last longer than something cheap and nasty. Durability also determines how long a product will last before needing replacement parts. If these are available from the manufacturer, it’s usually less expensive than buying another whole device just because one part broke down.


The first thing to consider is the quality of splat ball blaster. The quality of a product will determine how long it lasts and whether or not it will last as long as it claims to. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you buy a product that has been tested and proven by users and experts. Also, if there are any negative reviews about a certain brand, then it would be better if you avoided buying from that brand altogether.


Reviews can be a great way to learn more about splat ball blaster before buying it yourself. You’ll want to consider both positive and negative reviews when reading them so that you can get an unbiased opinion of the item in question. It’s also important to read through multiple reviews by different users since each person will have different experiences with their products depending on personal preferences and how they use them daily.

Look at the product’s features

When shopping around for splat ball blaster, there are several things to consider before making a purchase. First, look at the product’s features and how they might suit your needs. Also, be sure to check reviews from other people who have used the product to get an idea of what their experience was like.

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